Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors All Risk Insurance is an essential policy to have in place if you are a building contractor or a developer.

This will cover you for the structure that is currently being worked upon, for example if it is an extension of the current structure or if you are building a new property it will apply to that structure from start to finish.

Unlike a standard General Liability policy (which will only cover tradesman for damage caused to third-party premises (existing structure)) Contractors All Risk Insurance will cover any damage caused to the building works, for example if there is an unexpected flood, storm, or fire, or even poor workmanship. This gives you peace of mind for your project, knowing that if anything goes wrong that you have adequate protection in place.

If a building contractor held only a General Liability Insurance policy and there was a fire, causing serious, if not fatal damage to the work outside of the original structure, then the insured would not be covered and may even be forced into liquidation. Yet, if the insured had taken out a Contractors All Risk policy, then they would have been covered, as mentioned in their contract works section. Moreover, Contractors All Risk Insurance (in contrast to regular General Liability Insurance) also includes cover for future claims made about work previously carried out by the insured.

Contractors All Risk Insurance is just one of the many product lines we offer. At Masbro, we have been offering our valued clients the best personalised & customised insurance solutions for over 35 years.
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    Contractors All Risk Insurance